All Systems Go!

The cyst is gone!

So Aunt Flo visited a few short hours after my last blog post.  That means that I had my baseline ultrasound on Tuesday. I went in cautiously optimistic, and the results were that I am good to go for IUI attempt #1 this month. I am simultaneously excited and terrified. As a future single mom by choice I’ve never tried to get pregnant before. I have no clue how easy, or hard, this journey will be. It would be a total dream come true if I could accomplish pregnancy on my first IUI, but I just can’t get my hopes up for that.

The doctor decided to do a medicated and monitored cycle, so this won’t be happening all natural with no meds. I didn’t really have a preference on that. I just figured that I would just go along with what ever the doctor suggested.

Step one after the baseline ultrasound was to take a 25 mg dose of Femara (the generic name is letrozole). This medicine causes an increase in FSH, or Follicle Stimulating Hormone. Follicles are basically fluid filled sacks on your ovaries which grow around an egg as it matures.

Now, I just sit and wait until Wednesday. On that morning I will have blood labs done to measure my progesterone, estrogen, and luteinizing hormone. I will also have another ultrasound. They will be looking for follicles that have grown to 18mm or larger. I’m hoping for a few, the more eggs I have the higher chance I have to get pregnant, but not too many because that would increase my chances for a multiples pregnancy (i.e. twins, triplets…). If they haven’t grown like expected, then I will have to take more medications to try to get those things growing!

Ok, now lets talk fees…

Last month when I had the ultrasound that found the cyst I forgot to mention that I paid $144.16 for the ultrasound, but it was actually covered by insurance because of the cyst. The birth control I had to take was $18.36.

THIS month…

Since everything is full speed ahead, the fee for the fertility clinic is $1200.00. That will cover all ultrasounds, labs, and the actual IUI.

The Femara was very cheap at $3.24.

I also had to buy, from a mail order pharmacy, an HCG trigger shot that I will have to give to myself when my follicles are big enough. This shot will induce ovulation. That cost was $92.00. The two syringes, four needles, and a sharps container all came with it free.

Also from that same mail order pharmacy I got thirty 200MG capsules of progesterone which I will have to use post IUI. I was surprised to find out that the progesterone was actually covered by my insurance… Even so, the cost is $70.30.

Lastly, I ordered my vial of sperm. Mom got a kick out of me calling it “Baby Batter” the other day! I think that we’ve covered almost all of the nick names for it… Spunk, Jizz, Baby Batter… Anyway, the vial of sperm cost $695.00 plus $195.00 for shipping. This came to a total of $890.00.

Geezzzzz! Fingers crossed this works on the first round!


Seriously though!


No, really…


I could use all the positive prayers, vibes, juju… whatever you got. It is very possible that I will have my insemination completed before my next post. If it works, I will have a due date sometime around July 2nd – July 6th.

Don’t forget! If you haven’t voted on the socks in my last blog post, this might be your last chance!

Coming Soon! An update after Wednesday’s ultrasound.

The Fertility Blessing

You know my deep desire for a child. A little one to love and to hold, to care for, to cherish. Grant that my body may conceive and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby in Your holy image.

Guide me in all my choices so that this conception, my pregnancy and my baby’s birth are in line with Your will.

Heavenly Father and Holy Mother, hear this prayer of my heart, mind and spirit.



8 thoughts on “All Systems Go!

  1. Good vibes headed your way! It sounds like we are having similar cycles. This is my 5th IUI, but first cycle on meds and with ultrasound monitoring. Once my follicles get their shit together, I’m also doing a trigger shot and progesterone.

    Hope all goes well! It’s ok to hope for a BFP on your first try 🙂 I hope you’re one of the lucky few.

    Liked by 1 person

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